What You Can Do

We need you

As a charity aimed at helping young people challenge the stigma of mental health labels and educate the wider public about mental health, Lost Luggage need new members to keep up the fantastic work for the future. You can find out how to join us by clicking on the join tab at the side of this page.

As a group we provide training to schools, colleges and universities about mental health promotion and mental wellbeing. In the past we have spoken to nursing students about the care we have received in CAMHS, the expectation we have of the staff that work for the service and what we would like to see for the future. We have plans to expand on this teaching session in the new year, as well as other training projects.

We do a variety of fundraising for the charity to which all the money we earn goes straight back into the charity to help us with funding for new projects, and of course treats for the young people to reward to reward them for their hard work. For more information on fundraising events please visit our events page. If you would like to donate to the charity please click on the Donate tab at the side of the page for details.

Lost Luggage is a charity that is set up within the Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust (LPFT), which is the NHS mental health trust for the whole of Lincolnshire County. To get involved in LPFT and become a member visit this website below and see how you could make a difference to mental health services, and the lives of people who have issues with their mental health.